X is considered the most formal social media platform, and it adheres to specific policies in the publishing process on the platform
It requires that the number of characters not exceed 280 characters, which necessitates that the advertiser be an expert in the marketing process to create a professional ad with the least number of characters possible
X is not an ordinary social media platform. You need several features to start your marketing campaign on Twitter, even if you are an expert in advertising on Facebook, Instagram, or other platforms. This is not enough, as advertising on Twitter is subject to terms and conditions
You may have tried advertising before and lost money without any benefit. On the other hand, there are people who get visits that are more than 60% higher than what you may get on other social media platforms at the same cost. But how?
Simply put, advertising on Twitter requires experts who are specialized in working on the Twitter platform and have a high degree of professionalism. But where can you find them?