There is no website that does not need hosting, simply because hosting is the space where the website's files are stored, as well as the databases connected to the software files

If you are a business owner or organization, whether large or small, it has become important to create a dedicated email service for your company in order to provide your customer with professional communication services and methods that are not available in general email (Gmail, Yahoo).

A server administrator, or sysadmin, has complete control over a server. This can be in the context of a business organization, where the sysadmin monitors the performance and status of many servers in the company, or it can be in the context of a single person managing a game server.

Many people do not know that there are fundamental differences between different website hosting services. Here, we do not mean the differences between the plans that include spaces, prices, and the capabilities of RAM and CPU Cores.

CPanel Hosting

  • Hosting is the process of storing a website's files and content on a web server. The server then connects the website's domain name to its IP address.Hosting can be divided into two types: free and paid .
  • Free hosting is offered by some companies in exchange for advertising on the hosted websites. Companies or individuals who choose to host their websites on free servers typically give up many features in exchange for the free service .
  • Paid hosting offers a wider range of features and benefits than free hosting, including:
    • More storage space
    • More bandwidth
    • More reliable uptime
    • More security
    • More support
  • In recent years, the cost of paid hosting has decreased significantly compared to previous years. This has made paid hosting more affordable and attractive to website owners.
  • Here are some of the benefits of CPanel hosting:
    • Ease of use: CPanel is a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to manage your website.
    • Powerful features: CPanel offers a wide range of features to help you manage your website, including file management, email, databases, and more.
    • Security: CPanel includes a number of security features to help protect your website from attack.
    • If you are looking for a reliable and affordable way to host your website, CPanel hosting is a great option

Windows hosting

  • Windows hosting is hosting your website on servers that run the Windows operating system, which powers 40% of the world's servers. They're fast-loading servers constantly updated by the leading company in information and operating systems
  • Windows servers are known for their stability, security, and constant updates. However, they are advanced and require users with sufficient experience to manage them, especially the Plesk Panel control panel. The Windows operating system supports various databases such as (MySQL/Oracle/MSSQL) and can also use programming languages such as (Visual Basic/C#/F#/ASP.NET).
  • Most international organizations and government agencies operate their websites on the Windows operating system. This is because it provides a high level of security and protection. In addition, it is a system that preserves the sources of codes and programs. So, if you are looking for stability, security, and continuous updates that are done periodically by the company, you must reserve a Windows hosting because it has features that suit your site

WordPress Hosting

  • You already know that WordPress is the most popular content management system for websites. You probably also know the reasons why many people choose it, which are its ease of use and control, in addition to the ease of adjusting its settings to improve your site's appearance on search engines, which is known as SEO
  • But do you know why it is preferable to choose a hosting dedicated to WordPress? There are many plugins for WordPress that are very useful for website owners, but they require special settings on the server to work efficiently. Unfortunately, not all hosting providers offer these capabilities for WordPress and its various plugins. At NSIC Solutions company, we provide hosting that is specifically tailored to WordPress to make your site work efficiently, securely, quickly, and with the technical settings for optimizing your site for search engines

VPS Hosting

  • In hosting, don't look for the cheapest, look for the most stable and secure. Don't waste your investment online just to save a few dollars. We have VPS hosting that suits different sizes of companies and online businesses. 99.9% server uptime guarantee and free SSL certificates with different hosting plans. Full support for WordPress, Joomla, e-commerce sites as well as support for PHP, programming languages, and Laravel and Node js libraries. With VPS virtual servers, you will have full control over your dedicated resources and will not be affected by other sites on the hosting that may slow down your site or limit your capabilities. Of course, with your full ability to access the system files and modify them and work on Shell commands, for example. If you want to get a VPS, NSIC Company is your safe choice

Reserving a domain name

  • Reserving a domain name is an important and advanced step for you as a website owner. It represents your website and brand, making it easy for people to remember, write, and search for it. So, choose a unique, distinctive, and easy-to-remember name without symbols or numbers. Every new website needs a domain, regardless of its purpose (personal, service, or product). We at NSIC can help you buy a memorable domain name; we're specialists who've helped many choose and buy the perfect domain names, easy to write and remember for their target audience

Business Emails

  • If you are a company or organization owner, whether large or small, it has become important to create a private email service for your company in order to obtain and provide your customer with professional communication services and methods that are not available in general email (Gmail, Yahoo).
  • The email linked to your company's domain name will help your project appear professional and will give your company more confidence when communicating with customers and addressing them
  • Features of creating a private email for your company
    • Ownership : Using a private email of your own gives you full ownership to dispose of it, edit it, edit it after sending, and save information without fear of closing the email or deleting its information, as you are the sole owner and do not belong to another company. As for when you use the free public email from one of the companies such as (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo), the company has full right to close your account or erase its data
    • If you want to email another company, would you send it with a @gmail address? They'll likely view it as unprofessional or even a scam. Building trust between companies involves avoiding generic email domains of other companies. That's all
    • A private company email helps brand building and smooth internal communication, while free email hurts your company's credibility and brand image. That's all.

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