Advertising video design, whether for promoting a company, product, service, or even an innovative idea, is one of the most prominent forms of advertising content creation in recent years

Visual and auditory content of the video addresses more than one sense of the viewer


The video remains in the memory for a longer period of time than all other forms of content


Increased customer trust in your brand, as it is expected that beginners do not create videos


A good video delivers your message directly to the customer's consciousness and its impact remains in the unconscious for a longer period of time.


Visual content is the winning horse at all times on various marketing channels


Social media algorithms increase video reach to the audience much more than text content.

1. We will work with you to define the targeted marketing objectives of the video design. This includes defining the ideal customer traits and determining the tone of the message.

2. Writing and preparing the script (scenario, animated text, audible text)

3. Preparing the roles, actors, and filming location; the filming process in the case of a live-action video, or the design of the graphics in the case of motion graphics videos.

4. Editing the video and adjusting the sound and image synchronization

5. Distribution and marketing channels to promote the video

Motion graphics is a type of animation that uses graphics, text, and sound to create a moving image. It can be used to tell a story, explain a concept, or simply entertain
  • Attract attention: Motion graphics can use bright colors, bold shapes, and dynamic movement to grab viewers' attention

  • Convey information: Motion graphics can use simple, clear visuals to communicate complex ideas.

  • Create a memorable experience: Motion graphics can use animation to create a unique and engaging experience for viewers

All of these factors have given motion graphics a strong foothold among promotional methods, especially video advertising
The team at NSIC has extensive experience in creating motion graphics videos. We have produced dozens of motion graphics videos in Arabic and English for Egyptian and Saudi companies and organizations

NSIC provides you with a simplified explanation of the most important goals of using motion graphics services in marketing and advertising campaigns, which are as follows:

1. Strong emotional impact:

Any motion graphics video contains a magical blend that tickles the emotions more than any other video with strong storytelling, creative animation, and expressive sound. The video story can make you laugh, cry, feel empathy, or learn a valuable lesson.

2. Easy to understand video content:

Despite the short duration of the motion graphics video, it provides you with a wonderful explanation and clarification of the product and explains boring and difficult ideas easily and simply in a way that other forms of video do not provide.

3. Ability to recycle and reuse the video:

After you get a motion graphics video, you now have a valuable piece of art that is ready to be exploited and used in other advertising formats. You can crop any part of the video separately or convert an important shot from the video to a still image to share on social media and your social accounts. This requires the hands of specialized designers to choose the right part for the digital marketing strategy.

4. Enhance brand strength:

Motion graphics video can and helps your audience recognize and distinguish your brand easily and simply due to the sounds, designs, and movement the video contains. All of this gives your audience a strong impression of your product.

Motion graphics services greatly help business owners because they present your service or product in a way that pleases and attracts the audience. We live in an age of speed, and the customer may not have the time to read the content of your product and its set of features. But if they are presented in the form of a motion graphics video, this will attract the reader or potential customer and they will continue to watch the video, benefit from it, and learn more about the product. This greatly increases customer attraction and education, and it is better than relying solely on written content.

The most important features of motion graphics services in designing a professional video are as follows:

1. A professional motion graphics video design helps increase potential customers significantly because it is very attractive.

2. It shows the professionalism of the company in providing its services, and it shows the customer that the company is working hard to highlight its features in various ways.

3. It makes your brand continuously spread and increases its value.

4. It saves a lot of money, time, and effort as well.

The stages of delivering motion graphics services are as follows:

1. Presentation of the final motion graphics video before delivery.
2. If there are any modifications, we make them before delivery.
3. After that, the delivery is done easily when we make sure that everything is as it should be.

Choosing a reputable company with experience helps you ensure success and a good outcome. We are a leading company in the field of product marketing and digital marketing. We offer motion graphics services to make our clients' products look their best. We explain to the client all the features of the website, service, and product in a unique and attractive way. Your choice is important and you should choose the best motion graphics video design company in Saudi Arabia, NSIC Company