if you want to design an identity for your company to make your brand etched in the minds of customers

In the first place, it is important to clarify that corporate identity is part of the branding process, which means building the company's reputation. It is the main long-term goal for all companies that want to survive and grow. Therefore, all marketing activities and the company's efforts are aligned with this goal

Corporate identity is also part of marketing. Marketing is a complete chain that must be consistent with business goals and meet customer needs

here fore, designing a corporate identity does not mean designing the logo and printing only. Rather, the company's identity is translated in all the company's movements and indicated by all the marketing messages that come out of the company, which is what we help you build.

After we have learned about the importance of logo design, we will explain that there are different types of logos, including
  • Text logo: This is a logo that uses text inside a frame based on a specific font. It is important to note that the font is also an element of the company's identity

  • Symbolic logo: This is a logo that uses a symbol that represents the company

  • Letter logo: This is a logo that uses some of the letters of the company's name to represent it, such as the HP logo

  • Combination logo: This is a logo that uses text and a symbol together to create a complete logo.

  • Character logo: This is a logo that uses a character or illustration to represent the company.

  • Arabic calligraphy logo: This is a logo that uses Arabic calligraphy to represent the company.

  • Abstract logo: This is a logo that uses abstract shapes and forms to represent the company.

  • Handwritten logo: This is a logo that is written in a handwritten font.

  • Meaningful text logo: This is a logo that uses text to convey a specific meaning.

  • Text within graphics logo: This is a logo that uses text inside graphics to create a complete logo.

It is important to remember that the company logo is your face and is one of the most important elements in designing a company's visual identity. However, do not forget to connect it to the other elements and to continue working on the branding process as a whole

The need for a startup to have a complete visual identity is like the need for the moon to have the sun; they are never separated. Here are some reasons for this:

1. It establishes your place among competitors.

Your visual identity expresses who you are, what your company is about, and its goals and visions. It shows customers your strength through your visual identity and what you can offer them.

2. It emphasizes the professionalism of the company.

The visual identity expresses the professionalism of the company and gives customers a good impression of trust. This attracts them to you and your products. You can then compete in the market and tell everyone that you are present and that you have a distinctive visual identity. You are not an amateur in the field, but you have experience. All this and more is expressed by the distinctive and integrated visual identity.

3. It plants awareness in the hearts of customers.

You should care about the awareness of your brand as it is the source of success in the future. Making users aware of your services makes them understand a lot about them, which increases their popularity and the possibility of selling them and the possibility of receiving new potential customers.

A company's identity is all the designs that relate to the company's electronic and even printed documents, the most prominent of which is the company or institution's logo. The company's logo is the main and identifying identity of the company, and the commercial or visual identity is one of the most important things that help in advertising and promotional campaigns. It is one of the most important strategies for electronic and even traditional marketing. It is what attracts customers and gives them a good first impression of your website, services, or products. Therefore, visual identity means a lot to companies and websites, and every business owner who wants their business to thrive and reach customers in the best possible way should care about it.

Visual identity design services typically include the following:

1. Logo design.

2. Employee stationery design.

3. Internal print design.

4. Print style guide design.

5. Exterior signage design.

6. Advertising and promotional print design.

7. Social media cover and background design.

8. Website promotional video design.

1. Initial data analysis: Discuss project & requirements, prepare work environment.

2. Initial data analysis: Discuss project & requirements, prepare work environment.

3. Logo design: Design logo as the foundation for the rest of the identity.

4. Print design: Design prints based on chosen logo colors.

5. Visual identity model: Send a general model after full design completion.

6. Project approval & delivery: Deliver guide file with logo, colors, sizes, printing instructions, and open-source files for easy printing.

7. Social media cover and background design.

8. Website promotional video design.

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4. We provide you with a new professional identity.