We design your website for your project, which works efficiently on all devices and screens, is friendly to search engines, and provides a unique experience for users and visitors

Features of website design in our company

Create a custom dashboard that includes all the tools to manage all the site's content, pages, sections, and menus. Ability to add or delete a section. Control side and main ads on the site.

A professional homepage that reflects what your website offers. Add videos, images, and text in a consistent way. Ability to add services, main and submenus.

We provide you with the ability to link your site to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, and others. Support for chatting and chatting with visitors on the site for easy communication.

Through the dashboard we provide you, you can track the number of visitors to your site.Through it, you can know the seriousness of the visitors and meet their requests and needs.


  • Unlimited sections You can create unlimited sections in your store to organize your products .
  • Not ready-made templates We design your store interface in a unique and professional way that reflects your identity .
  • Professional designs Our e-commerce store designs are compatible with different screens and search engines
  • Multipurpose You can sell tangible, digital, or even services through your online store
  • Ready for marketing Your online store at Solutions is compatible with search engines, social media, and advertising


  • LMS Systems Design, development, and programming of educational content management systems for educational and training institutions of all levels .
  • School Websites Creating school, college, and university websites with a professional vision that suits the target audience and users .
  • Student Performance Reports Teachers evaluate students during classes or through their academic performance, and parents can track their children's evaluations
  • Assignments and Tasks Students can see the assignments and tasks that the teacher or trainer has requested from them, and they can upload the required material through the platform .
  • Mobile Applications We can design and program a student-friendly application that is easy to use for all parties involved in the educational process .
  • You can generate profits and gains from your educational platform If your project is based on making a profit from the educational platform, whether through producing exclusive educational videos with subscriptions, or direct education and training for subscribers through virtual classrooms, or any other business model for your project based on training or education, we provide all the requirements, whether software or integration with digital payment systems through Visa, PayPal, or any other means .
  • Mobile Applications We can design and program a student-friendly application that is easy to use for all parties involved in the educational process .
  • The educational platform is compatible and responsive with all browsers and display devices All websites designed by Solutions are developed in a way that is compatible with all browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari, and are also compatible with different display devices, whether they are (computer, tablet, mobile). Despite the difference in screen sizes, the site automatically adapts to the browsing device. This is an essential element that search engines such as Google have started to test on websites, and increase the chance of the site appearing in search engines if it is compatible with all devices .
  • Different user permissions The platform manager can easily define the types of memberships and access permissions for them, such as students, teachers, and supervisors, whether on specific scientific departments or on all branches of the educational platform, as well as the linking of parent accounts to their families, which gives complete security for information and different possibilities for each department according to the nature of work in each educational institution .


Professional design

Designed specifically to manage news content that attracts visitors as soon as they visit the site and browse the news.

Control panel

Includes all the tools to help you lead news content in terms of form and content in Arabic.

Social media

Comment, share, like the news, and invite friends to the site, which helps spread the news in the shortest time and without any advertising cost.

Videos and photos

Add videos and can be shared through the YouTube channel of the newspaper to benefit from YouTube followers.

Mobile application

Helps you publish news through mobile and tab instead of computer in a simple and fast way.

Specific permissions for officials

You can appoint more than one editor and writer for the newspaper and be their supervisor and give each of them specific permissions that they do through their own login name and password on the main control panel.


Domestic and international trips

Offers of tourist trips your company offers, both domestic and international, with detailed descriptions for customers. Information on the number of days and specific program for each trip, presented in clear and organized main and sub-lists on your website. A unique and professional website design to instill confidence in users and highlight your company's expertise.

Religious and cultural trips

Inclusion of the religious and cultural landmarks offered by your company. High-quality pictures showcasing each landmark within dedicated sections for each trip. Description of the features, booking methods, and duration of each trip to attract potential customers.

Trip programs

Dedicated space for each trip program with specific details like travel time, booking timeframe, destinations, and key features. Flexibility to add any number of additional tourist programs offered by your company.

Hotel reservation

Option to choose from multiple hotels or hostels for customers to select their preferred accommodation during their booked trip. Images and descriptions of hotels, including room details and location, presented in user-friendly drop-down lists for easy booking.

Air and sea travel and different transportation methods

Facilitation of booking airline tickets and travel arrangements for both group and individual trips through partnerships with airlines and transportation companies. Seamless integration of travel booking within your tourist program and the appropriate transportation options for your customer base.

NSIC is a leader in the field of electronic marketing, so one of the most important services that the company provides is the service of designing websites in Saudi Arabia, specifically in Riyadh, due to the importance of designing websites with many advantages that benefit the marketing process and increase brand awareness. We provide the service of designing websites with great professionalism because we know how important it is for business owners and companies to have websites to present themselves and display their services and products on them and market through them

We also help you in many things within the site, to add your own touch and your own magic. We receive your ideas from you and work on improving them and transforming them into reality by creating your site, so that you can start your own marketing strategy. NSIC also provides various other marketing services, such as

1-Electronic marketing

2-Creating e-stores

3-Product photography and visual identity services

4-Marketing content writing service

All of this helps you in marketing your site, especially the last service, because your site must include unique content in order to outperform competitors and succeed in all its marketing campaigns

The first thing that every business owner looks for is profit. Therefore, one of the most important aspects of owning a website is to increase profit by using the site as a unique promotional tool for your services and products. It makes it easy for customers to see your products and services on the site. Then you try to reduce the effort on customers by making it easy for them to search for what they want on the site.

Here are some of the other benefits that we offer:

1-A template that is compatible with all devices, from phones to iPads.

2-Fast browsing within the site, which provides a unique user experience.

3-Innovative design to attract customers

Website design is a very important step in the beginning of any company. It has many advantages and benefits that it provides to the company and gives customers a lot of confidence in the company's brand and all of its services. When you create a website, you put everything you want on it to help customers and enter the market. You can then compete with similar services. You can display your services on it and explain them to customers in a better way. Therefore, creating a website is an important step that you should take. We at NSIC help you take it easily. All you have to do is choose your package and contact us immediately.

The stages of delivering a website design are as follows:

1-Review the website, set the template, and test it.

2-Regular follow-up on the website.

3-Providing consultations about the website at any time.

4-Making changes to the website.

As we are well-versed in the Saudi market and constantly understand the needs of business owners for exceptional websites that showcase their products and help advertise their services in the online market, we possess extensive experience in this field and in the domain of electronic marketing as a whole, exceeding five years.